I am a Software Engineering Manager by day and creative with my free time. I have always had a passion for understanding and learning how things work. When I have a new interest in something I go all in on it and learn as much as I can. The passions which seem to be recurring are all rooted in different creative fields; web, photography, architecture and music.

Beyond that I also love learning about new cultures and travelling to new places with my wife. Time allowing I also try my best to do anything active/outdoors (cycling, surfing, snowboarding).

This passions for all things creative and visual has paired well with my career and interest in Front End Development. I look to use this blog to help chronicle my travels, current creative explorations, music, life hacks and everything in between. The main goal being to have a singular place to keep my thoughts. This also provided an avenue for me to explore some new web technologies I've been wanting to try out but don't have a professional context or need for.