Pingdom Free Monitoring

This is just a super quick note that you can add a very basic level of monitoring for you website through a free pingdom account. This basically can track two things. Server response whether your server is running and returning content and Real User Monitoring (RUM) which will alert you if page load times start to slow down.

As posted before, I am on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu Linux stack which is an unmanaged hosting solution. So this is a simple gut check to make sure my site is up and running. Pingdom will shoot an email off if my site is down so I can now sooner rather than later that the box needs kicking (a power cycle usually does it). Before I would only get a notification again via email from Google Analytics saying that my site was inaccessible but this would be a full day after my site has been down. Pingdom will do checks at a rate of one’s choosing and by default runs checks every five minutes.

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