Markdown Extensions for VS Code

I’m all for making documentation easy and better quality. To reduce some of the hassle from Markdown. I have found the combination of extensions below to make the experience much better.

Markdown All in One - Visual Studio Marketplace

Adds a bunch of hand shortcuts. My favorites being:

  • Paste a link on text, which will auto-format for a URL
  • List editing: renumbering ordered lists, marking checkboxes

markdownlint - Visual Studio Marketplace

Linting suggestions are similar to what one would expect from traditional code linting.

Code Spell Checker - Visual Studio Marketplace

Catches all those pesky spelling errors.

Previewing Your Work

VS Code also has the ability to display the HTML version of your markdown in a preview tab. In the upper right you can click on the preview icon (two columns and a magnifying glass) or use the keyboard commands:

`⌘K` , `V`

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