Cue Point System

Since I am mixing on a Pioneer DDJ-400 since it closely mirrors a club system layout I am mixing with Pioneer’s software rekordbox. To make mixing as smooth as possible at to mix in phrase I’m doing track prep when importing music to rekordbox. I am setting the following cue points on all my tracks using the export mode:

Hot Cues

  • Green (dark) - Mix In 8 bars
  • Green (bright) - Mix in 16/32 bars
  • Blue - Chorus Beginning
  • Orange - Clean Loop
  • Red - Mix out 16/32 bars

Memory Cues

  • Start of chorus
  • End of track (sometime shortened a bar)

I have added the memory cues because I changed the setting in recordbox to change the counters to display a countdown in bars to the next memory cue. For longer 32 bar mixes where I may have a loop running I can just release the loop when both countdowns are equivalent so I know my intro our outro will line up in phrase.

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